Specialised Treatments

Remedial/Deep Tissue Massage

A combination of deep tissue, trigger point and neuro-muscular massage techniques is used to target specific muscular-skeletal problem areas in the muscle and connective tissue structures. Typical one-hour treatment may cover upper back, neck & shoulder area; lower back or legs/hips. Suitable for neuro-muscular pain caused by stress, sport or daily activities.


£40 per hour



Abdominal Massage

The digestive tract is frequently impacted from stress and lifestyle, causing bloating, flatulence, congestion, pain & spasm.  Deep massage techniques are used to aid digestive related conditions and ease tension in the abdominal area, giving soothing and relieving symptoms.


£40 per hour (1 hour)




A relaxing foot massage that works on the reflexes of the foot to unblock the energy pathways of the body and rebalance the whole body. Ideal for stress related conditions, hormonal imbalances, lethargy and digestive disorders and general wellbeing.


£40 per hour (1 hour)



Pregnancy Massage

A relaxing full body massage to aid relaxation to mother and baby, and ease muscular discomfort from the added pressure of pregnancy. Suitable from 12 weeks onwards. Treatment time one hour.


£40 per hour (1 hour)



Warm Bamboo Massage

Deep Tissue massage using warm bamboo “sticks” for manipulating stubborn areas on tension in the muscles and connective tissue. Suitable for full body, back or leg massage.


£40 per hour (1 hour)




Coming Soon


Relfexology to Promote Fertilitty

Standards Treatments

Swedish Full Body Massage

1 hour

Manipulation of the superficial muscles and connective tissue to release tension, promote relaxation, aid removal of toxins and increase energy levels.





Aromatherapy Full Body Massage

1 hour 30 mins

A truly relaxing experience to restore calm for the body and mind, this massage is all about calming the nervous system and draining the toxins away to leave you revitalized and uplifted.






Aromatherapy Back Massage

1 hour

A back massage using essential oil blends to promote relaxation, aid removal of toxins, soothe the nervous system.





Indian Head Massage

1 hour

Based on an ancient massage of the upper back, neck, shoulders, scalp and face this treatment aids relief of headaches, mental fatigue, and promotes restful sleep.





Thermal Auricular Therapy

A soothing therapy using Hopi ear candles to aid healing for all ear and sinus related conditions. Promotes peace of mind and clarity of thought.  Includes facial massage with drainage.






Hot Stone Therapy Massage

A wonderful massage treatment for the back or full body using warm basalt stones – aids deep relaxation, promotes removal of toxins, soothes tired and aching muscles.


 1 hour £48   or 1½ hours £68

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